Lois on the Loose

Frequently Asked Questions

I receive many email queries about my trips and books so I’ve tried to answer the most common ones here. But if you have some other burning existential question to which you believe I hold the answer, please send me an email at lois@loisontheloose.com

1. How old were you when you started riding motorcycles?
I was a late starter, I didn’t learn to ride until I was 28.

2. Why did you choose to travel solo?
For me, travelling alone is more of an adventure. I wanted to throw myself out in the world and see what would happen out there with just me and my wits. Travelling solo makes you more vulnerable but I believe this vulnerability exposes you to a wider variety of experiences and ultimately creates a more rewarding travelling experience.

3. Were you scared travelling alone?
On the whole, no. During my trip through the Americas I never felt my personal safety was under threat. In Africa things got a bit hairy at times but nothing bad ever actually happened to me! The world is a lot less scary than we are led to believe by the mainstream media.

4. Where did you sleep when you were on the road?
In all sorts of places! I carry camping equipment so I try to camp as much as possible, but I have also stayed with missionaries, in sheds, shacks, a variety of weird and (not so) wonderful hotelsĀ and often in the homes of complete strangers. Something always turns up…

5. How did you pay for your travels?
I saved up, rented out my houseboat in London while I was away and borrowed a bit.

6. How do you get a book published?
With a lot of determination, a skin of elephantine thickness and above all, a true love of writing. And with the help of a good agent.

7. What happened to the girl you were travelling with who crashed in Bolivia?
She made a full recovery (albeit with false teeth) but has no recollection of how the crash happened.

8. What happened to the other characters in Lois on the Loose?
Rachel and Simon moved back to France and Rachel gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, who, it seems was unaffected by the rigours of travelling in utero through the wilds of Patagonia! They have since had a daughter too. Robb is alive and well in California and recently worked on a support team for a US Dakar Rally rider. Ricardo Rocco continues to be a mover and shaker in the Ecuadorian motorcycle scene. And as for Austin… reader, I married him.

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