Lois on the Loose


I write for various publications in the UK and the US and my work has appeared in The TelegraphThe Guardianthe New York Times, The Independent and CNN. I am also a contributing editor to the US travel magazine, Overland Journal. 

Topics covered include all aspects of travel, alternative lifestyles, sub-cultures and adventure, with a special interest in historic expeditions and all things lo-fi and analogue. I have written a series of articles on early overland travellers for Overland Journal, as well as contributing a section on pioneering motorcycle explorers to the new edition of the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook.

Here are a few of my articles. Click on the images below to read in full.

  • indie_picnic
    The Independent (UK) – February 2016

    The art of picnicking in Iran. Iran has a lot
    more in common with Britain than you might think.
  • indie_kill
    The Independent (UK) – November 2015

    Kill Your Friends is less drama than
    documentary, says ex-music executive

  • The Independent (UK) – August 2015

    My first psychobilly gig: The Klub Foot,
    The Meteors, and a thousand DMs

  • The Independent (UK) – August 2015

    Hitching is as much an adventure as a
    cheap form of travel

  • The Guardian (UK) – August 2015

    Spiky, spicy, wild … arriba!
    Mexico’s Baja California is bliss for Lois Pryce

  • The Independent (UK) – June 2015

    Yvonne Stagg and the Wall of Death:
    The Queen of Dreamland

  • Overland Journal (USA) – Summer 2015

    The 10-year journey of Iran’s Omidvar brothers

  • The Independent (UK) – April 2015

    Record Store Day: Remembering an era when
    buying and selling discs were labours of love

  • The Independent (UK) – March 2015

    Floating voters: How living on a houseboat meant
    I didn’t officially ‘exist’

  • Telegraph (UK) – February 2015

    Travel as a solo woman: 10 lessons for the intrepid

  • The Independent (UK) – January 2015

    Reese Witherspoon in ‘Wild': An all too rare
    story of a woman on a solo adventure

  • CNN (USA) – September 2014

    Is this the world’s most ‘British’ vacation?

  • The Independent (UK) – August 2014

    Adventure Travel Film Festival: Films we’ve screened
    are about as tough as it gets when it comes
    to pitting man against nature

  • CNN (USA) – July 2014

    What’s it like to motorcycle solo through Iran
    as a woman?

  • The Guardian (UK) – July 2013

    How two Iranian brothers created one of the
    world’s first travel documentaries

  • Overland Journal (USA) – Spring 2012

    My interview with Saharan explorer, Tom Sheppard MBE

  • Visordown (UK) – July 2010
    A guide to visiting the world’s hairiest destinations

  • Overland Journal (USA) – Winter 2010

    Airstream founder, Wally Byam’s life of adventure

  • Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

    Contributions on adventure riding for women
    and early pioneers of adventure motorcycling