LLois on the Loose


I write for various publications in the UK and the US and my work has appeared in The Guardianthe New York Times, The Independent and CNN. I am also a contributing editor to the US travel magazine, Overland Journal. 

My writing encompasses all aspects of travel, alternative living, adventure and motorcycling, with a special interest in historic expeditions, female adventurers and all things lo-fi and analogue. I have a fascination with early overland journeys and have written a series of articles on the subject for Overland Journal, as well as contributing a section on pioneering motorcycle travellers to the new edition of the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook.

Here are a few of my articles. Click on the images below to read in full.

  • Overland Journal (USA) – Spring 2012

    My interview with Saharan explorer, Tom Sheppard MBE

  • Visordown (UK) – July 2010
    A guide to visiting the world’s hairiest destinations